Monday, October 31, 2011

Progressive Monday.

Get back to bed.
Good morning one and all and as usual I am awake early, the question is " Am I bright eyed and bushy tailed " and the answer is No not really, its to bloody early, its only 5.30, the body clock has not got used to the end of BST yet and the clocks going back an hour. so another hour in bed is needed.

Its Amanda.
Get back to bed ( The picture is an Exaggeration) in reality I have to lower the bed, bring up the back, sit on it and then lower it down to a lying position, thank goodness for profile beds and the NHS.

However get another 1½ hours sleep until 7.00 am and then its a case of a coffee and BBC1 News until 8.00 am when I get up ready for Amanda the Carer to come.

Amanda turns up as her normal cheery self and its not long before I am washed and groomed ready for the day so now a bowl of cornflakes for breakfast and then get dressed ready for the day ahead.

Franks Wheelie Bin
Now it is 10.00 am and I can see its going to be one of those days today as so far 4 lots of leaflets have come through the letter box, all from takeaway food shops, anyway I see the next one walk by the window so as he gets to the door I open it and politely ask if he could do me a favor, "If I can he said", well I asked " Could you put your leaflet straight into the recycling bin for me please". ( my recycling wheelie bin is in my forecourt) "his response is unrepeatable"

To say he went of muttering is an understatement, he will probably put a handful through next week, anyway that was not the best one next there is a Knock on the door and it is a young lad trying to sell double glazing, I did feel sorry for him really, anyway the conversation went like this :
Salesman: Hello "mate" are you the householder.
Me : Yes.
Salesman : Are you thinking of getting double glazing.
Me : "Bloody hell"  "has some one nicked my bay window,s  thought it was drafty in here today".
A Salesman.
Salesman : "No", "your windows are still there".
Me : "Are they Double Glazed"
Salesman : "Yes"
Me : "Then why would I want Double Glazing if I already have it".
Salesman : "Well you did say it was drafty in your house today "
Me : "Thats only because I am stood here with the front door open, talking to you"
Salesman : "I hope they are not all like you today",
Anyway I made him a coffee, had a chat, and he went merrily on his way, poor lad.

My Sandwich.
However that is enough excitement for today, So go round to Tesco express to get some Milk and some fruit juice drinks and think that I got on Ok with a quiche the other day for lunch, will try a sandwich today and see how I get on with that, so I get a Tuna and Cucumber sandwich from tesco and take that home with me for lunch.
I will have my lunch at 1.30 today so making sure I have got a large fruit Juice Drink handy I sit down to eat the Sandwich, well after 30 mins and all the drink, the sandwich has been eaten, crusts and all, so that is a major step forward as I have not had bread for almost a year, so very pleased with that

So its been a really good progressive day today, but I know my limitations so will stay with the Puree meal tonight and build up the solid food gradually, I phoned my Speech Therapist and had a chat with her and she was very pleased with the progress so will see how it goes over the next couple of weeks, I have my Blood test tomorrow and then my Outpatients appointment with my Neurologist next week so we will see where we go from there, so until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye and take care.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Proud day today

A Sunday Lie in.
Good Morning one and all and so another day dawns, Feels strange this morning as the clocks went back 1 hour last night, marking the end of British Summer Time (BST) so it is lighter an hour earlier, but it will also be dark an hour earlier tonight.
Had a good nights sleep last night, and woke as I say to find it is light outside, but that won,t stop me having a Sunday lie in so make the coffee and turn on the News, and go back to bed.

The Weekend Carer.
Oh well it is now 9.00 am so time to get up ready for the carer to come and get me ready for the day, the weather is not that good today, it is not cold but it is wet and windy, ( Just like me really), anyway the carer arrives about 9.3o and gets my face and neck washed and my hair combed and so I am groomed for the day so get some Breakfast< and seeing as it is going to be a lazy day I will have some Porridge, and then get dressed ready for the day ahead.

The Plan for today was to go Down to Southsea sea front to watch the start and Finnish of the Great South Run, but due to the weather I will be staying in and watch it on Channel 5.

Part of the course past HMS Victory at the dockyard
It is almost 10.30 so Switch over to Channel 5 to watch the Great South Run. My son Gervase is running in this today it is a 10 mile run around Portsmouth, starting and finishing on the Southsea Common.  Gervase is Running in aid of Cancer Research UK, in memory of his mum Christine who we lost to Breast Cancer in 2003 when Gervase was 12 years of age. anyway I am sure he will take it easy and will be running with all the other overweight 30 year olds ( LOL) he is hoping to do it in 2 hours.

Gervase on his run
Well the Race gets underway and there is no chance of me seeing gervase in that crowd, there are over 24,000 people taking part in this years event, anyway no matter where he finishes I am proud of him for taking part in such a worthwhile cause.

Anyway as I am watching the race on TV, gervase texts a picture to me to say he is coming down henderson road about 2.5 miles from the finish " Go Gervy Go " so he is on time to complete on 2 hours,
I notice he is wired up with his music on the i-phone,

(I told him when I went running in my early years we carried a wind up Record player, music was all over the place) LOL

Well gervase completes the Race and Gordon and Pauline have gone down to cheer him home so that pleased me anyway he is pleased with his time  as you can see from the official result table he finished in 13,244th place in a time of 1 hr 54 min " Well done Gervase Mum would have been proud of you"

Gervase also met Les Oakley from the UK Myositis Support Group who is also running in aid of Myositis, Gervase introduced himself and had a chat with him

Downton Abbey Cast.
Well thats all the excitement for me over with today so now for some chicken soup and then a couple of hours of TV and facebook before I think about dinner tonight, Puree Roast Beef with Potato, Carrot and Broccoli tonight.  and then it will be Family History research before Downton Abbey at 9.00 pm on ITV 1

Well as you can see  It has not been a very active day for me today, if it had not been raining I would have got myself and the wheelchair into a taxi and been down southsea to cheer on my Son, but did not think it advisable to be sat out in the rain  and the wind. anyway I will bore you no longer and so until tomorrow, adios amigo,s.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

What a brilliant day today

Well here we are awake bright and early at 6.30 on the 29th October 2001, don't know why but I have a feeling there is something different about today, the sun is just rising and the birds are singing in the Garden. ♬♬♬ Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Frank, Happy Birthday to You ♬♬♬, Oh yes thats right, Its My Birthday, today I am 68 years of age.

Well I go and get a coffee made and decide to have a lie in until 9.00 and then get up and see what has been happening in the world, get Breakfast, Check the mail. and then wait for the carer to arrive.

Carer arrives at about 10.15, so that is not to bad, it has given me chance to open some Birthday cards that came in the post and to have my Breakfast, Crisp bread and Marmalade today. anyway the carer has now gone so I can get dressed for the day and get round to Tesco Express for some Milk.

Well got back from Tesco and get a phone call from my son Gervase to say he will be round about Noon to see me, anyway make a coffee and then get a phone call from Pauline to say that she and Gordon will be round this afternoon, so looking forward to visitors. Gervase arrive about 12.15 with card and Present from him and Leanne, and while he is here I get a Text Msg from Leanne,s mum to say that she had not sent a card but will get one to me when she gets back from her cruise.

Run Gervy Run.
Me and gervase have a good chat and he sets up his "Just Giving Page " for his charity run tomorrow. He is taking part in the 10 Mile Great South Run in aid of Cancer Research UK, so that will be good for him to do and I am proud of him, he is running in Memory of his Mum who died of Breast Cancer when he was 12 yrs old in 1993.

Anyhow it is now 1.30, do not know where the time as gone anyway I am going to treat myself to a Quiche today and see how I get on with that ( Real Food) so put that in the oven to heat up for 15 min,s and pauline and Gordon turns up, they have brought Misty the dog with them so that is nice,  Gervase in the meantime has made a move back home and Gordon and Pauline have brought Sandwich to eat so I get the quiche out of the oven and get coffee made and we all sit down to have lunch and a chat. The quiche went down very well so that was good, anyway have a nice chat with Gordon and Pauline until they leave about 3.00. so just as I settle down with the Computer so Chris and Kim from opposite me pop over with a card and a present of Ice Cream and also a couple of nice magazines, so that was a nice surprise to see them, so out to make more coffee and we sit and chat for an hour before they go back home. so it has been a very enjoyable day with brilliant company, also I have had over 50 messages on Facebook from Family and Friends and also many from my Myositis friends from the facebook Groups.

Well it is turned 5.00 pm now so will settle down with the computer until I get dinner started at 6.00 and then there is Merlin on BBC1 at 8.10 this evening and Foyle,s war on ITV 3 at 9.00 pm, so that is the evening sorted, so until tomorrow I will say tatty bye.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday never changes.

And here we are another friday is upon us and another weekend looms, Oh well, come tomorrow and I will be another year older, but am I any wiser, probably not, otherwise I would not overdo things on the good days, and suffer for the next 2 or 3 days afterwards, but anyway had a decent nights sleep last night, and woke this morning at 5.30, decided to take the Methotrexate then and get another hours sleep while it works its wicked way through the system.

Well that was a good lie in and sleep it is now 8.30, and no carer to come today so I can have a coffee and a lie in which is what I do and stay in bed until 9.30, this is the life to lead, anyway decide I really should get up and get some breakfast and then get to work on changing the main picture at the heading of this blog.

the Picture is of one of the Forts out in the solent which was built in the 1800,s on the orders of Lord Palmerston, who thought we were going to be invaded by the French, needless to say that invasion never happened and they became known as " Palmerston,s Folly,s" all 4 forts are still out there in the Solent and are viewable from Southsea and the Isle of Wight. Anyway History lesson over.

Myositis DVD Screenshot.
So Another very restful day today, still some light pain in the back and legs but not to bad and have not needed any pain medication, so hopefully by Monday It will almost be gone, as long as I don,t do anything stupid.!!!. Have been working on my Myositis awareness interactive DVD again today, it is coming along OK but taking longer than I anticipated but I am happy with the way it is going. I am aiming to have it completed by the end of November but possible it wont be ready until after Christmas.

Ok so it is 1.30 and time to get some lunch, I did a casserole in the slow cooker yesterday so will have the remainder of that Pureed down for lunch today and then tonight I will have Roast Turkey with Cauliflower, Broccoli and  Mashed Potato, and that will go down a treat have not had Turkey since last Xmas.

Had lunch and did some Genealogy research for a friend and now am just getting this posting ready and then will watch "Pointless" on TV until 6.00 pm when I will put dinner on to cook and then an evening of Facebook and also the soaps until 9.00 and then the Film "District 13: Ultimatum" on Film 4, and hopefully the students will be quiet in the street tonight otherwise I will be out there showing them an alternative use for my walking stick "Only joking they are pretty good its just that they like letting of Fireworks on the lead up to Bonfire Night, Noisy sods"

So that is another Friday over and done with and another weekend is here, so until tomorrow,s Birthday edition I will say Bye Bye for now.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pain, Pain, Go Away.

Pain Pain Go Away, well I think it took the hint, for today has been a far better day than yesterday, although there is still pain in the lower back, hip and leg areas, it is certainly not as severe as it was yesterday, took 4 lots of pain Medication yesterday and took one lot this morning at 6.00 am when I woke up, but have not had to take any during the day so  that is a relief, although to be honest I have not done much today apart from rest, and work on my Family History research for most of the day apart from when Pauline was here. anyway did not sleep to badly last night, although did wake up a couple of times during the night, woke up properly at 5.45 and took some pain Medication at 6.00. am, made a coffee and then watched the news on TV until 7.30 when I had to get up as the carer is coming at 7.45 today, it is a different carer today as Amanda the regular carer is away today and tomorrow.

Feeling better today.
It is now 8.30 and no sign of the carer, the phone rings at 8.40 and it is the care agency to say that "Mick" the carer has phoned in Sick and that they cannot get a carer to me today, so I tell them not to bother about tomorrow either and to leave it until saturday, So  will phone Adult care at PCC tomorrow and let them know that I am not happy about being treated in this way.

Bossy Boots Pauline
Pauline Phoned to say she will be round today for an hour or so and as the weather is really wet and miserable we will stay in and sort out some of the bits and pieces i no longer need or want ( she really is a bossy boots ) anyway that is a good idea as I do not feel up to going out today after yesterday as I need to rest and recuperate after the last few hectic days.

Pauline arrives about 11.00 am , she has popped into the chemist to get me a couple of bits and pieces on the way down to me. anyway while I make the coffee Pauline goes over to Tesco Express to get me some milk.

We have a nice coffee and then Pauline goes and brings all my ties down from upstairs for me to sort through and choose the ones I want to keep and the other ones can go to a charity shop. ( Where most of them came from anyway), also she brings some boxes of craft material down and also a load of CD,s and DVD,s .
Another cup of coffee.
I make another coffee and then we sort through all the stuff she has brought down, the craft material can go to the alzheimer's society, in Salisbury, most of the CD,s are windows based software, this can be dumped as I use a Mac, the DVD,s are films so they can go to the charity shop along with the ties.

Pauline goes at 1.00 pm and I get some lunch and then settle down with the computer to work on the Family History, at 3.00 pm I go for a lie down for an hour and then at 4.00 pm go back to watch some TV. I have a casserole cooking in the slow cooker for dinner tonight, so that will save some time and I will have that at 6.30. My son Gervase phoned to say he will be round this evening for an hour so will look forward to that, so all in all a decent day so far but very restful.

An evening of TV
TV Tonight will be Emmerdale and Coronation Street on ITV until 9.00 pm and then Law and Order UK on ITV 3 so another relaxing evening and then bed at 11. 30. so until tomorrow and the dreaded Methotrexate I will say "Tatty Bye"

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Not a good day today

Muscle pain today
Well who would have thought that after such a enjoyable weekend that today would be such a bad day, I was so pleased to have a shower round my Son Gervase,s house yesterday evening that I think I got carried away and ended up showering to vigorously and have ended up today with terrible pain in my back and hip,s I must remember how weak my Muscles are.

I was OK last night when I got home, went to bed about 11.30, woke about 5.00 this morning and could not move, anyway managed to get to the kitchen and took a couple of paracetamol, but that really did not make a great deal of difference, anyway got up at 8.00 ready for the carer at 8.30, and phoned the doctor (GP) at 9.00, also phoned Gervase and he came round and went and got some milk for me, anyway doctor phoned back about 10.30 and spoke to him and he suggested I take a co-codomol + a paracetamol. every 6 hours and to phone back if no improvement by Friday. Took two tabs at 11.00 and will take another 2 at 5.00. it is now 4.40 and it has eased of this afternoon but still painful when I get up from the chair or when I bend to open the fridge. but certainly better than this morning, anyway apart from that all is OK.

So not done much today spent most of the day lying on the bed as it is far more comfortable than sitting in a chair, anyway I now need to think about getting some dinner for 5.50 and then getting to bed earlier this evening and watch the TV there, Oh what fun it is having this Myo=Bloody=Sitis. still hopefully it will be easier tomorrow, hope so anyway. well not a long posting today will try and do better tomorrow.
so bye bye for now.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Half term Mayhem

OK so it is 6.30 and I have just woken after a fairly decent nights sleep, Looked out the window and the sun is rising so looks like it may be a fairly decent day, Weather wise today, although the weather forecast on the TV News predicts showers for today

Pauline and Shopping list
Anyway go and get a Coffee made and then settle back down in bed until 8.00 o-clock and then get up ready for when the carer comes. Amanda gets here as usual at 8.30 so gets my face and neck washed and groomed, and now I am all ready for the day ahead. Pauline will be round later to take me down to Asda to do the weekly shop.

Pauline phones at 9.00 to say she is running late this morning and will be leaving home about 10.30 and that on the way here she will go into the doctors to collect my Prescription and take it in to the chemist so that they can deliver it tomorrow or Thursday.

Asda at Fratton
However Pauline gets here about 10. 50 so I phone for a taxi and then we get the wheelchair outside ready just as the taxi arrives to take us to Asda.

Halloween Pumpkin.

We get to Asda and it is absolutely over run with mothers and Children, I forgot it is half term week this week and everyone seems to have gone to Asda today to get their Pumpkins ready for Halloween Party,s this coming weekend, and halloween on Monday.

We made it round the store OK
However we get into the store and the chaos is carrying on inside the store with screaming kids and Irate mothers pushing trolleys around piled high with Pumpkins and BBQ supplies ( Hope the weather stays dry for them) and also loads of Halloween costumes, these stores certainly know how to get the money off the paying public, anyway we make it round the store in a haphazard sort of way and get to the checkout and pay for our shopping and then get outside to phone the taxi to get us back home.

Taxi arrives to take us plus the wheelchair and shopping back home so all in all a very hectic shopping trip today, must make a note to steer clear of Asda on the week leading up to christmas.

Well back home safe and sound but exhausted so now to make a coffee and then get some lunch, we have a coffee and Pauline makes her way back home, I have my lunch and then settle down with the TV and the laptop when the Phone rings and it is the Home care company. I said yesterday that I rang them because Amanda is away thursday and friday, anyway they have phoned me back to say would it be OK for the carer to come on Thursday and Friday at 7.45. so that is OK for me so " Sorted "

In the shower.
Well it is now 4.15 and I need to think about getting an early dinner tonight as I am going round to see gervase and Leanne tonight, Earlier than usual as I am going to have a nice hot shower round there. looking forward to that it will make a change from strip washes.

Well I will get dinner at 5.30 tonight I have a nice Haddock in Cheese sauce with Mash Potato and Savoy Cabbage  M&S Ready meal so A nice soft meal that will go down a treat, will blend the Cabbage and the Fish and make extra cheese sauce. so until tomorrow I will say Cheerio and remember (it is only 2 Months to Christmas day from Today)

Monday, October 24, 2011

A hectic Monday as Monday,s go

Hello and good morning one and all, well that was a hectic weekend I must say, thank goodness that I don't seem to have any adverse effects apart from a few aching leg and hip muscles and joints, but then again that is nothing new.
Not a bad nights sleep last night  ( Think I probably wore myself out yesterday) anyway woke about 6.45 this morning so got a coffee as usual and then watched the news in bed until 8.00 when I get up ready for the carer.

Amanda arrives as usual about 8.30, and is her usual cheerful self, anyway she gets me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead, she also tells me she is away Thursday and Friday so I will need to phone the care agency and let them know that I want the carer round between 8.00 and 9.00 on Thursday and Friday not 11.00 or later as is normal when Amanda is away.

Well I phoned the care agency and spoke to some one there who said that they could not promise that they could get anyone here earlier than 11.00, to which I replied that I was paying them to supply a service to me and that if they could not meet their obligations then I would contact Adult Social services and ask them to find a care agency who could,  anyway she then said that would not be necessary and that they would make sure a carer was here for 8.30 on Thursday and Friday just as Amanda is. ( I bet they hate me down there, its all those years of trade unions and H&S committee,s )

Anyway amanda left at 8.45 so at 9.00 I get some breakfast, Scrambled Egg and Crisp breads today which made a change and then on to the computer for an hour or so, good old facebook, catch up on what everyone has been up to and then a quick walk round to tesco for some milk. Wont be doing much today as I will be resting in front of the TV as it was a busy weekend and tomorrow I will be going down Asda with pauline in the morning and round to my son Gervase in the evening. anyway just about to get ready to go to tesco, when there is a knock on the front door and it is the District Nurse community matron Helen.

Well this is a surprise, however it is just a courtesy call to see how I am as I called in the district nurses week before last because of my toe getting inflamed, while she is here she has a chat with me and takes my blood pressure, Blood sugar levels, checks my chest and heart and gives me a general  check and all is ok and readings are normal, chest is clear and the heart is beating ( I think) so anyway she said she will see me in a couple of month,s and off she goes.

So now I can get round to Tesco for the milk and then get some Lunch ( Tomato soup again today with a couple of crisp bread with Cream cheese ) just like yesterday ""It must be Groundhog day ""

Well it is now 2.15 and I am running late so now to get some lunch before my son Gervase pops round to see me this afternoon for an Hour, he is on two weeks holiday from work so he said he will come round this afternoon.

It is now 4.00 pm. I enjoyed my lunch and watched a repeat of Heartbeat on ITV3, so now it is time to get this posting up on my blog before Gervase comes Round then it will be watching Pointless on BBC 1 at 5.15 and getting dinner ready at 6.00 before an evening of TV with the soaps until 9.00 and then Doc Martin, so there we go another Myositis day goes by, anyway will get this up on the blog so until tomorrow I will say Ta Ta for now.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

To The Seaside we Go.

Here we are again folks, I slept better last night, went to bed about 11.30 woke at 3.00 and then slept through until 7.00 this morning, so seeing as it is Sunday I will have breakfast in bed and watch a bit of TV in bed until 9.00, as the carer wont be round until later today as it is the weekend. So get a coffee and some porridge and settle down in bed to watch the news.

Get up about 9.00 and make another coffee then get breakfast things washed up and settle down with the laptop while I wait for the carer,

New Carer.
The weather is quite nice today, very sunny but a bit breezy so think I will try and get out down to the sea front for an hour today, so will phone Gordon and Pauline and see what time they are taking the dog (Misty) out and see if I can get a Taxi and meet them down there., Phoned Pauline and I am going down about 2.00 pm, it is nearly 11.00 now and still no carer, so don,t know what has happened there.

Well the Carer turns up at 11.15, apparently Mick who was supposed to be here today phoned in Sick, he probably stayed home and watched the Rugby LOL. anyway get washed and groomed and then need to go to tesco and get some milk.

Well that is the milk got so now I need to catch up on the family history until 1.00 when I will get some lunch and then off down to Pauline,s at 2.00. Decide to have some Tomato Soup with a couple of Crisp breads with butter and cream cheese for lunch so that went down a treat so now to get ready and phone for a Taxi to take me and the wheelchair down to Pauline,s.

Misty on the common.
Taxi arrives at 2.00 so off we go to Pauline,s. Get there about 2.15 and Pauline makes a coffee and then we head of to the sea front, Pauline has Misty and gordon Pushes the Wheel chair. it is very breezy along the sea front but very busy, anyway we go across Southsea Common to the promenade, misty can be let of the lead on the common, and goes bounding around as she usually does.

Gordon, Pauline and Misty

once we leave the common Misty goes back on her lead, I decide that I need to walk for a short while and get a bit of exercise to the legs so we walk along the promenade towards southsea castle, misty thinks this is the time she deserves to have a rest from walking so decides that it is ok to use the wheelchair,

Time for Coffee.
Anyway get almost to Southsea castle and feeling good so decide we will now walk back towards Clarence pier and then we can get a coffee and use the toilets before heading back to Pauline,s, so that is a good plan so off we go. The sea front has a lot of people here today, anyway we get down to Clarence pier and the fun fair and go to the fish and chip stall to get some chips for Gordon and coffee,s for us all. anyway I now feel that I need to get back in the wheel chair as the legs are starting to ache, so that was a good workout anyway so after we have finished our coffee we make a move and head back to Pauline,s.

Well back at Pauline,s and have a coffee and then call a Taxi to take me back home, it is now 5.15 so a good afternoon was had by all and I really enjoyed myself.

Back home now so just made a coffee and will now get this blog done for today and then dinner at 7.00 and Downton abbey on TV tonight, the days cant get any better than this. It has been a really good weekend thanks to friends and Family and also City Wide Taxi,s.
So until tomorrow Adios.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Onwards and Upwards.

Coffee Time at 6.45
Well here we are then folks, another weekend is upon us, Not a good night last night, very restless, kept waking and then nodding back of to sleep. until about 2.30 then slept through until about 6.45, anyway got up and made a coffee and then went back to bed to watch the TV news on BBC1 until 9.00 when I decided to get up ready for the carer to come.

The weather is a lot milder today and by 9.00 o-clock when I drag myself out of bed the sun is shining and the sky is blue, and I don't need the heating on this morning, anyway will get some breakfast before the carer comes, I am going to try a croissant with butter and marmalade this morning as I am sic and tired of Puree food and Porridge, so heat it in the oven and go and see how I get on with it,

A Happy Croissant
Well that took some perseverance but I ate it, so that felt so good  Eating real food anyway now to get prepared for the carer, It is Mick today and he turns up about 9.45, so not to late, anyway he gets me washed and groomed and ready for the day so now another coffee and then on to face book to see what is going on.

Eileen and Chris Stall at Craft show.
I see on Facebook that my Sister and her friend Chris have a stall at a craft show at the Mountbatten  centre in Portsmouth today, so I decide to surprise them and go and have a look, this is a new adventure for e as it will be the first time I have been out on my own for any distance or time since being diagnosed but as they say " Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained " so I phone the taxi company and book a taxi to pick me and the wheelchair up at 11.00 and also to collect me from the Mountbatten centre  at 12.30 for the return journey back home.

Main Entrance Mountbatten Centre.
Taxi picks me and the wheelchair up at just turned 11.00 o-clock and we head of to the mountbatten centre which is located at Alexandra Park, Portsmouth. The mountbatten centre is a Leisure centre with a 50 mtr Swimming pool, 400 mtr Athletics track and also a cycling velodrome and Gym,s squash Courts etc. anyway we arrive about 11.20 so that is OK now all I have to do is find out where the Craft Show is being held.

Eileen and Chris
Well I find that OK, Eileen and Chris are surprised to see me as I wheel myself across the hall to their stall, and cant believe that I came on my own, anyway I did (although I did let Pauline know I was going, just incase I had a problem) anyway enjoyed seeing them both and had a good look round also a coffee and a chat and then made my way outside at 12.30 to meet the taxi for the return trip home. Got back home about 1.00 pm as the traffic was very heavy coming into portsmouth due to the fact that there is football at Fratton park today Portsmouth are playing Doncaster.

Well that was a good trip out and I really enjoyed getting out and about on my own, although there are limitations as to what I can and cant do, it is certainly a step (or wheel) forward in the right direction. so now to have a little stroll round to Tesco to get some drink and Chicken for tonight and then think about what to have for lunch.

Quiche for lunch.
So what to have for lunch, I may be trying my luck but "what the heck" I managed the croissant this morning after a fashion so I think I will try the Tomato and Broccoli quiche today, it is a small individual one so we will see how we can get on with that, if I cant manage it then I can always do some chicken soup but I want real food. so heat the quiche for 20 min,s and then sit down with lots of fruit juice to hand and tuck in, it took a bit of time as I have to go slowly as although the Dysphagia is improving it is at a very slow rate but a lot better than it was 5 months ago, anyway I manage to eat the quiche pastry and all so there we go, another step forward, but I know my limitations so will be on the puree food tonight for dinner, although it is only the meat I puree now, the vegetable i cook well and then mash down with a fork,

Facebook rules OK
Well that was good so a very positive day in all sense today and on reflection a good progressive week. anyway now I think I will have a sit down with the laptop for the afternoon and listen to the football on the Radio, My son Gervase has gone to fratton park with a couple of friends to watch the match so he will keep me updated with text,s anyway. so I will rest until I start getting dinner at 6.00, Puree roast chicken with Broccoli, Carrot, swede and Mashed Potato tonight, with plenty of gravy, and then an evening of TV . there is  Allo Allo on at 19.45 on BBC2, Merlin on at 20.15 on BBC1, and Foyles war on ITV3 at 21.00 for 2 hours 20 mins so bed at 23.30 tonight I think.

Fratton Park
Well the Football match has finished and Surprise Surprise Pompey won 3 - 1,  ♬♫♬ Play up Pompey, Pompey Play up.♬♫♬ So on that note and the end of a successful day I will say Good Bye until tomorrow.