Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Last day of March.

Portsmouth Harbour at 10.22 Today.
Love that Reflux.
Here we are on the last day of March. After a week of warm weather, Sunshine and Blue skies March leaves us with a drop in temperature, Grey skies and a very dull outlook for the beginning of April. the plus side of all this is that I had a better nights sleep last night so woke about 6.30 full of the joys of spring and acid reflux LOL. whenever I get this acid Reflux it reminds me of the words to the Fortunes hit from the 1960,s "Here it comes again that Feeling, Here it comes again"

What day is it ?
As usual I make a coffee after lazing in bed until 7.30 and make my way to the lounge. The News is much the same, at the moment every time I put on the TV for the Breakfast news it seems like I am in the Film "Groundhog Day" Every day seems the same perhaps i should leave of the TV and the Internet for a week and see if it changes, although within a day I would be having withdrawal symptoms. It was bad enough giving up Caffeine.

I Love Music.
Anyway enough of this joviality, I decide to give the News a miss this morning and put on the radio "Classic FM" to get a bit of culture into my life, I have a wide diversity of Music from  Puccini, Gershwin, and all classical through Rogers and Hammerstein , Rock and Roll and Heavy Metal. so I listen to the Radio until the carer turns up at 9.00. It is mick Today, it should have been Guys weekend but he is on 24 hour call this weekend due to staff shortages.

Poor pauline with her cold.
Once Mick has me washed and groomed he is on his way and I get another coffee and some Wheatabix for breakfast and then once I have finished I get Dressed and then Text Pauline. Pauline phones back about 10.15 and is still full of cold so she will not be doing to much, she asks if I need Gordon to come round and get any shopping but I am OK for supplies so no Problem and anyway my Son Gervase will be round tomorrow. so we will probably get down the shops then and get some shopping in as It is possible Pauline will still have this cold on Tuesday and I cant afford to catch it or I will be laid up as well.

Once Pauline hangs up I get back on the Computer and also put the TV over to watch a film " King Solomon's Mines" with Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone. This is the 1985 version filmed in Zimbabwe. I have seen it several times but still enjoy it.
1985 Film " King Solomon's Mines"
at 2.00 I decide to get some lunch and today I have some Mackerel fillets in Olive Oil with a couple of Crisp bread and very nice it was as well, it gets that Omega 3 into the body. I do like fish and have tinned fish twice a week and also fresh fish twice a week, as I rarely eat red meat, mainly Chicken or Turkey and I do love Pasta and Vegetable

Once Lunch is over I settle down to get this blog written. Portsmouth are playing at home at Fratton Park Today, the Match kicks off at 3.00 so I will follow that on the live web text from Fratton Park" it is run by the Local evening Paper. anyway at 4.10 the score is Pompey 1 Burnley 2 so it looks like another defeat for pompey is on the cards. Oh well I think it is time to get this Journal posted and then go for an afternoon nap before dinner at about 6.30 tonight, a chicken hotpot tonight, very tasty. so until tomorrow and the start of a new month I will say Bye Bye.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Its a better Friday this week." so far "

Hi Ho Same old news, same old weather, same old methotrexate. That was a short journal So until tomorrow I will say Tatty bye.

Losing Marbles
Ha Ha Fooled you, No I am not going Senile or loosing my marbles. it is just that since they upped my Methotrexate from 7.5 mg on a Friday to 15 mg on a friday on the 24th July 2011 I have had a after affect free day so far. perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel we will see how tomorrow goes but fingers crossed so far so good.

Anyway I had a really crap night last night kept waking up and going back to sleep until I eventually settled at about 3.00 am and then woke again about 6.30. Another nice day outside today so got up and made a coffee and some "Kellogg,s Alpen Porridge" and made my way into the lounge. Unlocked the front door and put the rubbish out and saw Jack the next door neighbour, had a chat and then went in and watched the Breakfast news on TV.

There is a terrible story  in the news this morning a woman has suffered 40 degree burns when petrol ignited as she was transferring it between cans in her "KITCHEN" While cooking dinner on her gas stove. I really hope she recovers and feel really sorry for her and her family, 

I just hope that Cameron and the coalition government are proud of themselves for instilling panic buying in the motoring public with there stupid remarks about filling up your cars and "Jerry Cans" as stated by "Francis Maude" the cabinet Secretary.  This has been a total cock up by the Government. I wonder what they would have done when we had the suez crisis, then we had petrol coupons issued.

Relaxing Day.
Anyway that is my thoughts about that for today   so lets get back to the rest of the day, once Amanda has been I get a phone call from Pauline to say that she feels a little better today, but Gordon has not gone to work up in Salisbury as he cannot get any petrol this morning for the car, so he is having a day at home. so I then settle down with facebook and then watch an episode of little house on the prairie until 12.30 when it is time for lunch.

2 egg omelet. (Stock Photo)
So what to have for lunch today, I fancy Ham and eggs, but fried is out of the question and I do not fancy scrambled so it looks like an omelet cooked in the microwave, now where did I put the "Microwave Omelet Maker"   !whoo! !hoo! Found it so all systems go 1 x two egg omelet with wafer thin ham coming up.   That was so good washed down with a cup of tea, can it get any better than this for a Friday.

Medtronic CareLink Monitor.
so now to watch the 1.00 o'clock news on the tv and then into the back room to get some sun and fresh air while I do the daily Journal, I had just settled down to get the Journal started and there is a knock at the front door and it is the courier with the Medtronic carelink monitor to download the recorded ECG on a regular basis down the Phone line to the Hospital all good stuff. I will open it later to read and digest the instructions.  

A nice Vegetable Moussaka.
Anyway It is nice sat her in the back room/come bedroom with the door open and the fresh air streaming in so anyway I will now get this journal finished and then I can think about what to watch on TV tonight, see if there are any decent movies on and also think about what to have for dinner tonight, I have a nice vegetable moussaka in the fridge , it is a ready meal but very tasty and easy to do for a Friday, so an Asda Moussaka it will be.

So there we go that is another day done and dusted and so far it has been a good day so hopefully it will continue like this for the rest of the weekend. so until tomorrow and a predicted change in the weather I will leave off where I came in with a Tatty Bye one and all.      

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The poor motorist,s

Oh well No change in the News then, There is talk of a strike by Petrol Tanker Drivers. Although the union members have voted to go on strike, there has been no date set yet, so what happens ? our joke of a coalition government has advised people to "Fill up there cars and to keep petrol in "Jerry Cans" in there sheds or garages"". How stupid can they get, they are creating problems and panic buying among motorists.
Panic Buying at a Petrol station on Portsea Island.

What Petrol shortage ?
I am so glad that I gave up my car when I reached 60. I got my free bus pass and I either travel by Bus or by Taxi. Living in Portsmouth I am lucky as I am close to all amenities.
"Just heard on a News update on TV that the Government spokesman has admitted that a senior Government Minister gave wrong advice out about filling up your car and stock piling petrol." To late really, the damage has been done.

Happy Amanda.
It is another really nice day today, it was very sunny this morning with clear blue skies so did not stay in bed but got my coffee and breakfast and sat in bedroom with the door open and enjoying the nice fresh air, mind you I am suffering today for all that Chocolate cake I ate yesterday, still it was worth it. Amanda arrived at 8.40 and is hurrying to get her round finished and then to get back home out in the garden so she soon has me washed and groomed.

Once Amanda has gone I settle down to watch the Program about life in Britain in the 1950,s it is a really great program and brings back many happy recollections of childhood life in the 1950,s especially the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in June 1953 with the street party,s and now we are approaching her Diamond Jubilee.

Get well soon Pauline.
Pauline phones this morning to say she is sorry about not being able to take me shopping as she has still got this !! Cold !! she has picked up and also her Knee is still hurting, Anyway she is off to see the doctor, I tell her it is no problem as I have plenty of supplies in doors (I think she is really striking in support of the Petrol Tanker Drivers LOL) anyway she phones back later to say that the doctor has said it is a ligament in her knee she has pulled and that is should heal by itself in another week or two. and also her cold should clear up soon and just to go on taking paracetamol. Anyway I am glad she has seen a doctor and hope she feels better soon.

A Cat nap for me.
After the 1950,s program I watch last nights recorded episode of "Little House on the Prairie" and then go back into the bedroom to sit by the open door and log on to the laptop and check emails and facebook. at 1.00 I decide to get some lunch so today I have some Pink salmon out of a tin with a chopped up tomato and bread and butter with a nice cup of tea and it went down very well, I enjoyed that and now back to the bedroom for a cat nap for an hour.

Washing Up.
At 3.15 I decide I had better get on with the journal and get it posted so that It can be posted before 5.00 so that I am ready to watch Pointless on BBC1 at 5.15. I also need to get dinner ready to put on at 5.30 and tonight I will be having Steak and Kidney Pudding with Vegetables and Gravy. roll on Dinner, the problem is with all this fresh cooking is the washing up " any Volunteers"

well the time is now 4.30 and I am sat her just finishing this journal, it is still really warm and sunny here so I am just posting an image from the Portsmouth live webcam taken at 4.30 showing the spinnaker tower, the harbour and Gunwharf in all its glory in the spring Sunshine.
So there we are folks not a very exciting day for a thursday but hopefully Pauline will be OK for shopping again on Tuesday, Its days like this that i wish a Door to Door salesman would come round so I could have a bit of fun still time to go and get a cup of tea before pointless starts so until Tomorrow I will say Adios Amigo,s.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Naughty Wednesday Chocolate Cake.

And another day of sunshine and blue skies, they say today is going to be the warmest day yet this year so will need to make the most of it as the forecast is for the weekend to be back to normal for this time of the year The temperature here today is 17⁰C and by the weekend it is supposed to be down to about 10⁰C. a big drop.

Anyhow had a decent night,s sleep last night and woke at about 6.45 this morning and was glad it is another nice day. made a coffee and had a light breakfast of a Kellogg's Breakfast Biscuits and a Muller corner Yoghurt and then after a coffee got out of bed and made my way to the lounge to await Amanda
A Sunny March Day in Portsmouth.
Pauline with the Sniffles
True to form, Amanda arrives at 8.45 and had a good evening out for her anniversary dinner last night, However she gets me washed and groomed and is then on her way, I text Pauline and she phones back and has the Sniffles and a bit of a cough. It seems she may have picked up a bit of a chill, however she says she is ok and that her Knee is feeling better today, anyway Gordon will be home early so that is OK.

On the Laptop.
Once I have spoken to Pauline i watch a program on TV about the 1950,s How things have changed, but not always for the better, they have a lot of Archive film of England in the 1950,s that is available to view for free on the National Archive Website. anyway once that has finished at 10.00 I then go onto the laptop and check Facebook, Emails etc and then at 12.00 I decide to get an early lunch and then get ready for Leanne and Elaine to collect me for "Tea and Cake" at the 10th Hole Tea Room at the Southsea Miniature Golf Green.

I have a small piece of Salmon with butter and 2 crisp bread for lunch and then get Shaved and Dressed ready for Leanne and Elaine at 1.00 - 1.15. I am all ready and they arrive at 1.10 and Of we go, it is such a lovely day today and so nice to get out. It is only a short drive and we arrive at the 10th Hole tea room at the Southsea golf link on Eastern Parade, Southsea
The 10th Hole Tea Room.

The tea room was very busy today , we got there about 1.30. I think the sun had brought a lot of people down to the seaside today, as the common and the sea front are also very busy. Anyway what to have as the menu is very large and a good selection of Sandwiches, rolls, salads, cakes etc. Anyway Elaine decides to have a sandwich and Leanne does not have anything to eat as she is not that hungry.
Enjoying your Sandwich then Elaine.

Well I think elaine is enjoying her Sandwich, I decide to have a piece of Chocolate cake and a Decaf coffee as I had a light lunch with my Medication at 12.00 so I enjoyed that a lot.
Chocolate Cake. Yummmmmmy.

That cake was so tasty and rich but I enjoyed it, no idea how many calories but then again do I care, NO. I enjoyed is and that is all that matters as far as I am concerned. Anyway we are ther for about an hour before heading back home via the seafront.
My Daughter in Law Leanne and Me at the Tea room
Well got back home about 3.00 so that is OK, so now I need to get this Journal written and then settle down to watch pointless at 5.15, and i need to get dinner started at 5.00 so it is ready for 6.00, and then an evening of TV, and a nap in the arm Chair. so until tomorrow it is Cheerio to you all.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a Sunny Shopping Tuesday

When the Sunshine comes through the widows and you can see blue skies, then you know it just has to be a good day ahead. It is another really warm sunny day here in portsmouth and you can see how calm the sea is by the photograph below.
Spinnaker Tower, Gunwharf and Portsmouth Harbour.
Portsmouth harbour is a busy sea way approaching Portsmouth dockyard. it not only has the Naval ships going in and out but also the cross channel ferries, the commercial shipping from around the world, the Isle of wight ferries and the gosport ferries, so always something to see if you go to the point at Old Portsmouth or Shopping at Gunwharf Quays.
Gunwharf Quays shopping centre, Portsmouth Harbour.
However back to today, Again I had a decent nights sleep and apart from waking at 3.00 to use the bathroom I slept through until 6.00, then lazed in bed with the laptop and a coffee until 8.00 when I got up and went into the lounge with another coffee and watched the Morning news on TV while I waited for Amanda to arrive. Amanda arrived at 8.40 and it is her 17 th wedding anniversary today, so she is looking forward to going out to dinner tonight, she soon has me washed and groomed and is then on her way, I get some breakfast of a bowl of special K and a snack pot of Prunes " Natures Laxative" and then text Pauline and let her know all is OK.
Pauline phones back to say that her knee is a little better today, she has it strapped up and it is a lot easier, she is about to take Misty out for her Morning walk on the common and she will book a taxi for 11.00 today to pick me up and then we will be off down to Asda to do the weekly shop.
Misty out on the common for her morning walk.
While I am waiting for Pauline I watch yesterday,s episode of little house on the prairie and then get a shave and dressed and then watch a program on Channel 4 called "Food Hospital" Which is about using Food as a medicine, it was quite interesting and gives me "Food" for thought.
The Food Hospital 
Asda at Fratton.
Pauline arrives at 11.10 and the wheelchair is put in the Taxi and we are off to Asda. There is a lot of traffic on the road today, must be the sunshine bringing people down to the coast, anyway we arrive at Asda in Fratton and unload the wheelchair and then we are of into the store to do the shopping.

The Taxi is here.
I decide to walk with the wheel chair to start with so of we go Pauline takes a small shopping trolley and we make our way round Asda getting the Items that we need or want, The thing about Asda (well all shops really) is that everything is geared towards Easter at the moment so items have been moved around so some are not where they usually are, which makes life interesting, anyway it is not over busy here today and by 12.50 we have finished the shopping and paid for it and are back out in the Sunshine waiting for the Taxi to take us back home.

Once back home I make the coffee and we get the shopping put away and then we have a Cornish Pasty each for lunch, before long it is 2.00 and time for Pauline to make her way home so I phone for a Taxi for her and she is on her way, Her Knee certainly has been better today than it was yesterday. So Now it is time to make a nice cup of tea and then get this Journal written and posted for today before I think about dinner for tonight, I got a nice Fresh Sea Bass fillet in a cook-in bag from Asda also some Fresh broccoli  and cauliflower florets so that will be nice with a cheese sauce.

Well that is about it for today folks.I will need to get dinner early tonight as I am going down to see Gervase and Leanne at there house this evening, Leanne,s dad will also be there and he will give me a lift home about 9.00 so it should be a good evening. so until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Technological Monday

Welcome to the world of Technological advancement. Good morning people and it is another very Sunny and warm day here on the South coast of the UK. Today we have the Arrival into Portsmouth Dockyard of the Portsmouth based HMS Liverpool, a type 42 Destroyer built in 1980. This is her last time into portsmouth as she is being Decommissioned it was a nice bright sunny day for her last arrival here.
Arrival of HMS Liverpool into Portsmouth Dockyard today.

Sleepless Night.
Well it was not such a good nights sleep last night, I think my body clock is trying to catch up on that "Lost Hour" on Sunday anyway eventually got to sleep after much Tossing and Turning and then woke at 6.30. lazed in bed until 8.00 when I got up and made a coffee and took into the lounge with a couple of Breakfast biscuits and a Yoghurt.

Amanda arrives as usual at 8.50 and is full of the joys of spring, she is in a rush today so soon has me washed and groomed and then is on her way so I make another coffee and then text Pauline, and get the laptop up and running and go on line. Pauline Phones me Back, she is on the common with Misty and is watching HMS Liverpool come in . she has booked a Taxi for 11.15 to come and collect me and then up to Queen Alexander Hospital for a 12.00 noon appointment in the Cardiology Department.
Queen Alexandra hospital, Cosham, Portsmouth UK.
 Well we get to the QA  about 11.45 so we sit outside in the fresh air and Pauline has a cigarette  and then we make our way into the main Entrance and take the lift to C Level where the Vascular and Cardio Department is. Pauline has a job pushing the wheelchair as she has twisted her knee yesterday, so I said she needs the wheelchair more than I do today. Anyway we report to the receptionist and she phones through and we are straight in and seen to.

All it is today is to have the information downloaded from the "Reveal Monitor" that was implanted under the skin in my chest. this is the first download since it was implanted in February. the doctor said that there was nothing on the recorded ECG,s that was of concern, there were a couple of Palpitation events shown but that was normal. anyway he will write the report up and send it to the Cardiologist Consultant and also to my Neurologist and the GP. if they want to see me they will contact me otherwise the next download will be in two month,s however I am being supplied with a Medtronic CareLink machine so I can download from home without having to attend the clinic, if they see anything of concern they will contact me to make an appointment.
Medtronic CareLink Machine.
Costa Takeaway.

The Carelink Machine connect to the home phone line and is downloaded via the internet, this will save me a fortune in Taxi Fares and hospital visits. anyway it takes about 20 min,s in the clinic today, so we then go to the "Costa Cafe"  in the hospital and get coffee,s and a sandwich, I also have a Almond slice and we take these outside and sit in the sun and enjoy them, I then phone for the Taxi to take us home.

Once back home Pauline pops round to  Tesco to get a few bits of shopping, while I make the coffee,s. I am worried about Pauline,s Knee and has told her she needs to strap it up when she gets home, it loks like she has sprained a muscle, so hopefully it will ease later.It does not hurt when you press it or when she is sitting down, just when she walks on it, so it may be that we will not be going shopping tomorrow if it is no better and she will have to get it seen to at the walk in clinic.
Pauline at a walk in clinic with her knee.
well once coffees are finished Pauline makes her way home and i get settled with another coffee and then get todays Journal written and posted and then settle down for an hours nap in the armchair, so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

To The Seafront we did go.

So we are now officially in British Summer Time (BST) well I woke at 7.00 this morning and thought that was a nice long sleep until I remembered that the clocks went forward an hour last night so it was really equivalent to 6.00 am. Anyway I have searched high and low, under the bed, in cupboards and drawer,s and even looked in the waste bin but I can't find that lost hour anywhere.
The case of the Missing "British Summer Time" Hour 
Morning Coffee shot.
 Anyway it was 7.00  when I awoke from a decent nights sleep and I decided a coffee was in order so made my way into the kitchen and made the coffee and took it back to bed where I stayed until 8.00  watching the News on the TV. At 8.00 I went and got some Porridge and another coffee and went to the lounge where I carried on watching the News until Mick the carer arrived.

Mick must want to finish early today as he arrives at the front door at 8.30, he said he did not know if that was to early or not but I told him that I am awake by 7.30 and that it is better he is early than late. Anyway we have a chat and a laugh and he gets me washed and groomed and is then on his way to his next client. and I settle down to text Pauline and to watch the Andrew Marr Show on TV.
The Andrew Marr Show on BBC1 Sundays at 9.00 am
Facebook Again
   Pauline phones back and lets me know that all is OK. Gordon has taken Misty out for her morning walk and then they are spending the day decorating, I just put the phone down and Gervase rings to say that he will be round today about 1.00 to 1.30 and we can take a trip along southsea sea front seeing as its a nice day, so that will be nice, anyway It is a lovely bright sunny day today, not as warm as yesterday but a trip along the seafront will be just the job. So I now get on the laptop and see who is about on Facebook and check the emails.

The morning has passed very quickly and it is now 12.00 so time for a nice Egg Mayonnaise  Sandwich, A hot cross Bun and a cup of tea and then get ready for when gervase gets here, "Now where are those eggs."
 So lunch is over and I enjoyed that so now for a shave and get changed as Gervase will be here in about 30 minutes. Gervase arrives about 1.30 so we get the wheelchair into the car and off we go to Southsea sea front. it is very busy here today so we decide to park down the Eastney end and them make our way to South Parade Pier. Anyway we park just by the Royal Marine Museum and then make our way along the Promenade.
Entrance to the Royal Marine Museum, Southsea.
 Well we make our way along the promenade, and stop for a nice Ice Cream, it is not as warm here today and there is a bit of a breeze, also there is a sea mist which is obscuring the Isle of Wight, but still pleasant for the time of year. anyway we reach the pier but it has limited access I think they are trying to complete renovation work before the Easter Weekend, anyway we decide that we will make our way back to the car, we have been here foe about an hour and it is funny but everyone is out in there summer wear and/or beach wear and there I am with my fingers white and purple and like blocks of Ice, The dreaded "Raynaud's"
We make our way back to the car and head homewards, it is now getting on for 3.45 so have been out a couple of hours, so a coffee is made, Gervase goes to get me some milk and Coffee from Tesco Express and then makes his way back home to leanne. and I decide that I better get a move on and get todays Journal written and then think about Dinner, so until tomorrow and my Appointment at the Hospital with the Cardiologist I will say Bye Bye.