Sunday, March 31, 2013

A bright Sunny Easter Sunday

Well here we are again and another Easter Sunday is here with Easter Bunnies and Easter eggs running and bouncing all over the place so

So Here we are then at the start of BST (British Summer Time) The clocks went forward 1 hour at 1.00 am this morning so we have lost an hours sleep this morning. Still the good thing is we are now officially heading in the direction of Summer

Hope you all remembered
The Morning coffee
well all in all I had a decent nights sleep last night and woke about 9.00 so that was Ok made a coffee and lay in bed listening to the radio until 9.30 when I went into the lounge with another coffee to send the morning text to pauline and then had some Porridge with Honey and a banana for breakfast. I really enjoyed that but my right leg and hip is giving me gip today so probably to much standing around on it at the craft fair yesterday .

The Sun is shining Brightly,
The weather still is cold,
They say that summers coming
I must be getting old.

The bones they are a creaking
The bladders getting weak,
Its time for my Prednisolone
Its the start of another week.

Round to get the Paper
Yes A new week begins, at least I am feeling so much better now than I did the last couple of weeks, My sore gums have settled down and I am now ready to start the slower tapering of the Prednisolone, anyway i have had breakfast and Gervase phoned to say that he will be round later on this afternoon to see me so I will look forward to that, we will not be going out shopping today as the large stores are all closed on Easter Sunday. anyway once I have spoken to Gervase I  decide to take a walk round to the tesco express to get the morning paper.

I walk round to the paper shop,
For a paper and some milk,
And halfway there, I stop to sneeze,
In my Hanky made of silk.

I then find I have a feeling
like ink leaking from a pen,
and suddenly I realize.
I forgot to wear my "Tenna for Men"

Pauline is on the Phone
once I have the Paper and the milk, I make my way back home and make a nice coffee before settling down to check out facebook and also my emails on the laptop, before starting to tread the paper and get the crosswords done, The news this morning is all about the welfare benefit changes that come into effect tomorrow, as I am reading this the Phone rings and it is Pauline. She and Gordon have only just got up and it is 11.45, That is what happens when the clocks go forward an hour you tend to get up later the next

Its time to get some luncheon,
What will I have today,
I think that I will have some soup,
that I made up yesterday,

I go and get it ready,
But I really am a Dork.
Cause it all dripped down my Jumper,
I tried to eat it with a fork.

Soup for lunch
after I have spoken to Pauline I go and get some soup that was left over from Friday to have for my lunch, I have the soup with a couple of buttered crisp bread, and then I settle down again listening and watching some Bob Dylan videos via youtube on the Smart TV. While I am watching those gervase arrives, he has got me a couple of Yoghurts and also a lamb steak for tomorrows dinner. While gervase is her gordon Phones to see how I am, he has just come back from taking Misty out for her morning walk and like the rest of us he is an hour behind with everything today.

well Gervase stays for an hour and is then on his way back home to leanne, as they are going out to a friends birthday party tonight, once gervase has gone I go and get the washing up done from lunch and then get the potato and Cauliflower prepared ready for tonight,s dinner and then settle down to get todays journal written, well it has been a good day today, my hip and leg are still a  bit achey but that will pass , so I will look forward to dinner tonight at 6.00 and an evening of TV and Facebook games, it is now 5.00 pm and a triple bill of Wallace and Gromit has just started with "A Grand day out" followed by " The wrong Trousers" and then " A close shave"

A grand day out
The wrong Trousers
A Close Shave
so until tomorrow I will say Goodbye  and leave you with todays "Day in History" for the 31st March 1855

Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Trip to infinity and Beyond AKA Havant

Well here we are with a late Easter Saturday Daily Journal. Sorry it is later today but I have been out visiting family and Friends anyway here I am now so all should be forgiven.

Misty on her Morning walk
After getting up this morning I send a text t Pauline at about 9.30 to let her know that I am up and OK and then get some "Gluten Free" porridge for breakfast, Pauline phones back to say that she is out with Misty on the common and her and Gordon were thinking of coming to pick me up at about 12.00 to go over to havant and see My Sister and her friend chris who are at an art and craft show at St Faith,s church hall and then we could go and visit Pauline,s sister Fran and her family on the way back home, so that sounds like a plan to me.

Must get a move on
So as it is now 9.40 I just have time to get the washing up done and then get the laptop up and running and check out my emails and facebook before having a shave and getting ready for when Pauline and Gordon Get here. Not many emails today and once I have checked out facebook I catch up with "Words with friends and a couple of other facebook games and then get my self ready to go out.

At 11.45 I get a text from Pauline to say they are on there way to collect me so I am all ready so once Pauline and Gordon arrive we have a chat and then into the car and of we go to Havant. Havant is a small town just to the east of Portsmouth so it does not take long to get there from home

On the way to Havant
Havant Town Centre
Once we get to Havant we have to find St Faith,s church hall which is where the art and craft fair is being held, it is in "The Pallant" as far as I can remember.

St Faiths Church Hall

My Sister Eileen and Chris,s stall at the Craft Fair
Here is a stall run by a facebook friend "Gill Lill" also a friend to Eileen and Chris
Another stall by a talented Local Artist
we spent a good 90 minutes at the craft show and then went in to see Pauline,s sister Fran, Fran,s Husband Colin and there son Stewie. we had a coffee and a nice chat for an hour or so and Gordon had to show of his new Hand Knitted Jumper, which was knitted for him by a friend of his from Weymouth called Agnes.

Nice jumper Gordon
once we had had a b=nice chat and a couple of Coffee,s we head back home and Pauline and Gordon drop me off and are then on there way and I make a coffee, get the vegetable prepared for dinner and then settle down to get todays journal written.

well it is now 6.20 and I have just got dinner on cooking so it will be ready by 6.50 so I am going to call it a day for today, sorry the journal is so brief today but it has been a good day today but tiring so I am going to get this posted, have dinner and then settle in front of the TV for the evening so I will say Bye Bye until tomorrow an leave you with Todays "Day in History" for 1856.

Friday, March 29, 2013

And here we are on Good Friday:

Good Morning one and all and a Happy Easter weekend to you all from the South Coast of the UK.
well again it was a decent nights sleep, slept through from about 11.30 until 6.30 and then dozed until 8.00 before getting a coffee and then just lying in bed listening to the radio until I made my way into the lounge at 9.30 to send the morning text to Pauline.
A Decent nights sleep

 I then got some chocolate star cereal for breakfast before going round to get the morning paper at 11.00. Once I had got the paper and a couple of "Hot Cross Buns" I make my way back home to settle down with a coffee and listen to the radio while getting the  crossword in the Paper done.
The Morning paper
Well the weather is Sunny again today anyway it is still very cold so I am glad I have got my Lamb and Vegetables cooking in the slow cooker for dinner this evening, I will have dinner earlier today as I had a late breakfast so will just have a couple of toasted Hot Cross Buns at lunchtime and then have dinner about 5.00 this evening
A Toasted Hot Cross Bun
It is now 11.30 and have not heard from Pauline so I give a ring and Gordon answers he has been up and taken Misty out and Pauline is still in bed, I think these tablets she is taking for her Thyroid is tending to make her very tired so hopefully she will have enjoyed her lie in. Pauline phones about 12.15 to say that she is now up and we have a chat, and then she goes and I listen to some "Andrew Sister Music" on "You Tube" via the smart TV.
The Andrews Sisters
Anyway after a couple of Hot cross buns and a coffee it is time to settle down to watch one of my favourite movies "Easter Parade" from 1948 starring Fred Astair and Judy Garland. That is an excellent movie for easter and is being shown on the TCM Movie channel.
Easter Parade Movie 1948
well that finishes at 3.00 and then it is over to UK Gold to  watch some old "Vicar of Dibley" sitcom,s

Well it is now nearly five O'Clock and time for dinner and the dreaded Methotrexate. It has been a very restful and enjoyable day today so I will say Tatty bye until tomorrow and leave you with Todays day in History for March 29th 1871.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Threr a funny yellow disc in the Sky

♬ ♬ ♬ Sunshine came softly through my Window today ♬ ♬ ♬

Good morning Mr Sun
And so the lyrics to Sunshine Superman by Donovan Goes and that is what was happening this morning, I woke to a brilliant morning of rays of sunshine streaming through the widow. after so many days of dreary grey mornings it was a pleasure to see the sunshine and it certainly gives one a lift, "as does my remote controlled profile bed of course."

The Easter Bunny
Anyway it was a good nights sleep last night, I slept through from 12.00 until I woke at about 5.30 this morning and then dozed of again until 7.30 when I got up to make a coffee and then back to bed and listened to the radio until 9.00 before getting dressed and going into the lounge to send the morning text to Pauline. Pauline is up in Salisbury today Helping Gordon as they have 2 days work to get done today as tomorrow is Good Friday, which is the start of the 4 day Easter weekend.

Well after sending the Morning text to Pauline she phones back to say that they had a good drive up to Salisbury and that all is Ok so I then get some toast and Marmalade for breakfast before going round to the Paper shop to get my Morning paper, I did think about Jogging round in my speedo,s in the morning sunshine (LOL)  but decided it would be wiser to walk round in a warm coat and with my Walking cane. as although the sun was shining it was still very cold at 2 Degrees Celsius.

well once I have the paper I get back indoors in the warmth and settle down with the paper and a nice hot coffee, I have the radio on and am listening to the news , and they are reporting on the arrival in Port of HMS Edinburgh the last of the Royal Navy type 42 destroyer which will be de-commissioned after 30 years service.

HMS Edinburgh arriving in Port at 10.30 this Morning
Microwaveable Omelette Maker
It has been a very restful and nice morning and at 12.30 I make myself a cheese omelette for lunch in my (Microwave omelette maker) and then get the vegetable prepared for dinner tonight, before going for a lie down at 1.30 for an hour before starting to get todays journal posted.

As i have been browsing through Facebook and also my Sisters Page "Decima Designs" I came across this poster advertising an event that she is involved with, along with other craft and art people for an Auction to raise funds for a Spinal Operation for a young lady from Chichester named Chloe Who has Cerebral Palsy, Chloe is 17 years of age

The reason I have mentioned this is that it made me think back to last week when I felt so down and sorry for myself, Here I am at almost 70 years of age and suffering from a disease that does not compare in any way to what this young Lady has at the young age of 17. it certainly made me think and put what I have to contend with into perspective. So I really hope the Auction raises loads of money towards the operation, and that it is a success, and in future when I feel down in the dumps I will remember that I am one of the lucky ones. I do not normally post links to other websites on my Daily Journal but for this I will make the exception.

On that note I will say bye bye until tomorrow and leave you with todays "Day in History" from 1902

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Wednesday trip to Morrisons.

And here we are on another day in a very cold UK. at least it is dry and slightly less cold than yesterday, There is not that icy wind blowing around today so that should make it better to go shopping down at Morrisons today. Well it was a decent nights sleep last night after spending a nice couple of hours down with Leanne and Gervase last night, Leanne,s dad "Dave" was there and it was nice to see him as well and also the cats.
Down with Gervase and Leanne yesterday evening.
The Morning text to Pauline
Dave gave me a lift home about 9.15 so I had a coffee, Phoned Pauline and then watched the 10.00 News on the TV before heading to bed just after 10.30. Slept through until about 3,30 when I needed the bathroom and then slept through until 7.45. so well pleased with that. At 8.00 I go and get a coffee and take back to bed and just laze around until 8.45 when I go and make another coffee and then into the lounge to text Pauline.

Once I have sent the text to Pauline I go and get some Porridge for breakfast and then Pauline Phones to say that she is out with Misty on Southsea Common and will be booking a Taxi for 11.00 to collect me and to go shopping down at Morrisons, I have to shop for 4 days supplies today as it will be easter weekend this weekend and Pauline will be helping Gordon tomorrow which is why we are going shopping today.

Well I do a quick check on the laptop computer to sort out my emails and also have a look to see who is on Facebook, and then go and get a shave and get myself ready for when Pauline arrives with the Taxi, I check to make sure I have everything on the shopping list that I need and then watch a bit of TV until Pauline arrives Just after 11.00, we get the wheelchair into the Taxi and then off we go down town to get the shopping.

The rear entrance to Wilkinsons in the city centre

The driver drops us off at wilkinsons as Pauline wants to get a couple of bits for Misty and then we make our way to morrisons via the Nationwide.
Morrisons at the Victory Retail Park, Portsmouth
When we get to morrisons it is about 12.15 so we decide to have lunch first and then we can get the shopping done so that is what we do, I have some nice Stilton and Broccoli soup and Pauline has a sausage roll and we both have a latte coffee and then once we have had lunch we get a trolley attached to the wheel chair and off we go around the store and get the shopping,
Soup for me and a sausage roll for Pauline.
once we had got the shopping and paid for it, I phone for a Taxi and we head back home, where we get the shopping put away, and then after a coffee and a chat Pauline makes her way home about 3.15 and I have another coffee and a bit of a rest in the recliner before getting todays journal started at about 5.15. so there we are then another day over with, still not feeling 100% but certainly better than I was over the weekend, and am looking forward now to a few days of just resting indoors as the last couple of days have been busy, so I will say Bye bye and leave you with todays day in History for the 27th March 1963 and will be back with another daily journal tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fresh air at Last

Well what can I say A trip out into the cold, freezing, windy, dull, damp, exhaust fumed,  fresh air did me the world of good, so if this is spring, roll on November it will probably be warmer LOL. What did amaze me were the amount of people out queuing at the Eastney Health Centre this morning. see photo below.
The Queue outside the local Health centre this Morning
The Morning Coffee
Well it was not a bad nights sleep last night, was listening to the local radio until about 1.30 then went of to sleep and woke about 7.00 am  so not to bad, made a coffee and went back to bed to listen to the radio until 8.45 when I got up and took another coffee into the lounge. I settled with a Banana and a Yoghurt for breakfast and was just about to send Pauline a text when Pauline Phones to say that all is Ok and that she will be booking a taxi for 10.10 to come and collect me for my appointment at Eastney Health Centre
Good morning Debbie

So Not a lot of time before Pauline arrives so need to get a wash and shave, and then get dressed ready for when Pauline arrives and we head of to the appointment with the Local Vampire to give blood for my monthly blood works Whoopee what fun we have. anyway, Pauline arrives about 10.15 and once we have the wheelchair into the taxi we are of to see Debbie. and then once I have given Blood Pauline and I will be taking a short trip to the shops at Milton on the way home as we are going to do the main weekly shop tomorrow at Morrisons.

Once we are out of the Eastney Health Centre we make Our way down to the shops at Milton I walk with the wheelchair for part of the way and then Pauline Pushes me the rest of the way.
On the way to Milton
Well it is a nice trip down through Milton it is not far from where I live and it is also the area that mum was born and raised in before and during world war 1 and up into the 1920,s before they all went to Ireland for 3 years when my Grandfather was posted over there with the Royal Navy.
Milton park
Milton Road School where Mum, Auntie Maud and Uncle Fred went to school
Well that was a nice couple of hours out in the fresh air so we get a little bit of shopping for today and then get back home for a nice hot coffee before In get a Taxi to take Pauline back home. and then go for a lie down before getting todays journal written.

Well it was a worthwhile visit to the Eastney health centre as I also collected my Prescriptions for the 1 mg Prednisolone to be able to taper down from 15 mg alternate days to 10 mg on alternate days, so I can taper by 1 mg per week for 5 weeks which will make it easier and also I got a Prescription for a bottle of Difflam Oral rinse which will help with the soreness of my gums after having the dental extractions last week, I have to rinse every 3 hours and it is really effective so thank you Doctor Procter.

So that is about it for today then Folks, although it was very cold out today and I was dressed up in Scarf, Gloves, Hat, and heavy coat I did enjoy being out of the house for a couple of hours in the fresh air so thank you so much Pauline, I feel so much better, Had a nice text from Leanne earlier and Gervase has just phoned to see how I am and I am looking forward to seeing him and Leanne for an hour or so this evening so all in all a really better day today so looking forward to the main shop down at Morrisons tomorrow.

So as it is now 4.45 I will get this Journal Posted and leave you with Todays "Day In History" for the 26th March 1839 so until tomorrow I will say a chilly Bye Bye.