Tuesday, April 30, 2013

On the Last day of April.

"Water, Water", Give me Water
Yes Folks it is the last day of April all ready, so looking forward to May, now one of the things that made me laugh this morning was that according to the professional weather people here in the UK is that May will be a very dry month with very little rain, so it is expected that we could be in a drought situation later this year, now how many months of rain and floods have we just had since last April, but I suppose it gives the water company,s a reason to rase the water rates next year.

Sending the text to Pauline.
Well it was not a bad nights sleep last night, I got of to sleep about 11.30, woke at 2.00 for the Bathroom and then slept through until about 7.30 so not to bad, anyway was up by 8.30 and sent the morning text to Pauline, as I need to have breakfast by 9.00 as I have two appointments today I have my appointment with the NHS Vampire at 10.30 and then a 12.30 appointment for my yearly eye test at Specsavers. so anyway once I have sent the text to Pauline I take my Lansoprazole and at 9.10 I had my breakfast.

Nearly Ready
Once  had finished Breakfast I get a phone call from Pauline to say that she is OK and that she will be booking a Taxi for 10.10 to collect me for my appointment for my blood test, and that she will text when she is on the way. so once we have spoken I settle down to check my emails before going into the Bathroom to get ready for when Pauline arrives, as usual I do not give my self as much time as I should to get ready, I must make a note to myself that I must not go on the computer on so much. anyway once I am groomed and dressed it is 10.00 so am now ready for when Pauline gets here.

Good morning Debbie
At 10.10 I get a text from Pauline that she is on the way so I get my coat and walking cane and as it is a nice day I wait outside the flat or Pauline to arrive, the taxi with Pauline gets here at about 10.20, Pauline has brought my clean Laundry back with her so she puts that indoors and then we are in the Taxi and off to the Eastney health centre for my appointment with debbie the Vampire queen. We get there just at 10.30 and report to reception, I get my number and it is number 13 "Spooky" anyway number 11 is in with debbie so there is only one other person before us so we do not have long to wait before it is our turn, once we are in there it does not take Debbie long to draw the blood , I had to give her extra forms today as my doctor wants to get a couple of markers to look for muscle inflammation because of the aches and pains in my hips and thighs.

well we are out by 10 50 so I phone City Wide for a taxi to collect us from the health centre and to take us home to collect the wheel chair and then off down to the city centre where he drops us off at the precinct just behind Boots the Chemist. Once down Town I need to go to the Nationwide and then down to Barclays before heading into Wilkinsons in the Arundel street precinct where Pauline and I need to purchase a few bits and Pieces.

Arundel street  Precinct looking east outside of Debenham,s Department Store
Arundel street precinct looking West towards the commercial road Precinct
As you can see it is a nice sunny day with blue skies, and it is quite warm in the sun. once we have got what we need from Wilkinsons we make our way out of the back entrance into Paradise street and go and sit in the sun in the precinct by Boots the Chemist and have a sausage roll and a coffee from Greggs.
Greggs the bakers by boots and Tesco.
after that I need to make my way into the Grotty Public Toilet, and while I am there Pauline decides that she will occupy my Wheelchair, which seems like a good Idea as I have been walking and pushing it so far today so am doing well.
The Woman has some cheek
Where is the eye chart
The next stop is into Bots the chemist for some "Tenna for Men" and also some strawberry complan before heading over to Specsavers opticians for my Eye Test. well is seems that there has been further deterioration in my left eye but only slightly. so I need to update my lenses, so I choose a new pair of frames. the opticians said that there will be no improvement on my distance vision as the cataract will still impair the vision but it  is not bad enough to warrant an operation yet, anyway he has booked another eye test for next April, So I get measured for my new glasses and they will be ready in two weeks time.

We are out of the opticians by 1.10 so we go over to Tesco to get a few food items and then I phone a taxi to take us home. Once home We get the Shopping put away and also my clean laundry that Pauline brought back this morning. I then make a coffee and we have a chat before I phone for a Taxi to take Pauline home. Once pauline has left I go for a lie down until 3.00 and then make a coffee and go and get todays journal written, well it has been a really good day today I walked pushing the Wheelchair for most of the time, until we came out of the opticians and then Pauline pushed me to tesco and around tesco a total of about 25 minutes so really pleased about that, just hope I do not suffer to much tomorrow, anyway it is now 5.00 so I am going to end this for today and get it Posted before Pointless starts on BBC 1 at 5.15 so until tomorrow I will say adios.

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Last monday in April

And here we are into the last week of April, The Mont of May is with us on Wednesday and next Monday is the May Day bank Holiday so we can all go out and dance around the Maypole. well you can if you want to, but I am not going to look like a idiot trying to dance around a May Pole with my walking stick and wearing Tenna for men.

April showers bring May flowers,
That is what they say.
But if all the showers, turned to flowers.
We'd have quite a colourful day.

Anyway thats enough education for you all today, it was an early night for me last night after the partying on Saturday, it is surprising how long it takes me to recover from all this frivolity, I think it is that I have a regime of Medication times, meal time,s sleep times, gluten free food , etc and when I go away from that regime it takes me time to recover especially when I decided to have some of the lovely chicken curry my niece Jodie made. it was excellent but I totally should not of eaten so much, my digestive system still has not forgiven me. and at the weekly weigh in with Gordon today I have put on a couple of Pounds.

Time for a coffee
As I said above before I strayed onto another subject I went to bed early last night, in fact I was in bed before 10.00 pm and must have dropped of to sleep almost right away as I woke at 2.30 and the radio was still on, anyway went to the bathroom and then went back off to sleep until I woke again at 7.30, it was a good nights sleep so was pleased about that, anyway I pulled the bedroom curtains, and it was bright and sunny so I opened the bedroom window and then made a coffee to take back to bed and listen to the radio.

Fooled you frankie
Now we have a problem occurring with the cat from next door, the cat (Misty moo) has decided to pay me a visit and comes in through the window and up on the bed for a tummy tickle now this is not a problem she often pops in to pay me a visit if the door or window is open, anyway this morning she has decided that after having a fuss made of her she wants to leave by the back door, so up I get and let her out, back to bed and there is the cat sat on the bed Purring, straight out the back door and back in through the window then back to the back door after a stoke and a tickle, and the same thing happens again, I must be a pushover, So i leave the back door open and this happens about 5 or 6 times before she gets fed up with the game and goes off to chase some pigeons.

Too Much Spam
Anyway I get out of bed at 9.00 make a coffee and into the lounge to catch up on the morning news an the TV and then get some Gluten Free porridge for breakfast not forgetting to take my Folic Acid Tablet and also my prednisolone with my food. once I have had Breakfast Pauline phones to say that all is Ok with them and that Gordon will be down about 9.30 - 9.45 to do the flat cleaning for me, as he usually does on a Monday, he will be down earlier than usual as he is up to his son,s near Salisbury for a couple of days to help him with his business. Once I have spoken to Pauline I check out my Emails and facebook before Gordon Arrives.

Must not drop Newspaper
Once Gordon arrives I make a coffee and we have a chat and then while gordon starts the cleaning I finish of a cartoon I am doing and then go round to get my Morning Paper, it is a pleasant walk round to the paper shop as the sun is shining and it is starting to warm up after a bright but cold start this morning, I have a cat with one of the neighbours on the way there and then once I am back indoors It is time to make another coffee as Gordon is in need of a tea break (well he is getting older) anyway we have a good chat and then Gordon finishes off the cleaning and the floor washing in  the kitchen and bathroom, and then after our weekly weigh in he is off home to Pauline.

Get the Vegetable Prepared
After Gordon has left I settle down and read the paper and do the crosswords before getting some lunch at 1.00. I have a nice chicken broth for lunch today, it is a baxters one that is Gluten Free and then once I have eaten that I watch the lunchtime news until 1.45 and then go for a lie down until 2.00. At least I am feeling a lot better now so I think I am eventually recovering from the Partying on Saturday. at 2.00 I go into the kitchen and get the vegetable prepared for dinner tonight which will be new potatoes, Cauliflower and a nice Sea bass butterfly fillet with lemon and Parsley, so looking forward to that , so I will get that ready for 6.30 so I can then settle down to watch TV at 7.00.

once that is all done in the kitchen, I take a coffee into the lounge and settle down on the laptop to get todays journal written, It has been a good day today but tomorrow is going to be busy as I have my appointment to have my monthly blood taken for my blood test and then at lunchtime I have my appointment with the optician for an eye test. At 4.30 Gervase phones for our daily chat as he phones every day on his way home from work. well it is now 5.00 and it is nearly time for Pointless on the TV so I will get this journal finished and posted so until tomorrow I will say Adios.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Day before and the day after.

A Design of the headstone for Mum and Dad.
Well here we are on Sunday relaxing and recovering from a super evening over at my Niece Jodie and her Husband Dave,s house in Fareham with family and friends To remember Mum who would have been 100 years old next Thursday on the second of May,  Mum was Born in Portsmouth on the 2nd May 1913 in Lawson road and sadly passed away on the 18th May 2005 at the age of 92. we decided to have a family get together to pay tribute to a wonderful  and loving Mother. Grandmother, and Aunt. and also by the 2nd of May a headstone will be erected on Her grave in Fareham Cemetery.

Mum in later years at Nash Way 
well we got over to Fareham about 4.30. I went over with Gordon, Pauline and Charlie (Their Friends son) as Gervase and Leanne were coming over later at about 6.30. it was a super evening and the food and company were great, My sister made a speech at about 8.30 and every one related Memories of Mum that the had, we then went into the garden and released 4 chinese Lanterns into the air with messages on, It was one for each of mums 4 children, Unfortunately our brother David could not be here due to other commitments.

The People who attended were :- Myself with my son Gervase and his wife Leanne.
My Brother Pat with his wife Maz and daughters Melanie and Holly, My sister Eileen with her son Arron and his wife Sarah and Eileen,s daughter Jodie with her Husband Dave, My Cousin Mike Smith was there with his friend Heather also Pauline, Gordon and Charlie were there as was Eileen,s friend Chris who did a lot to help Mum so a total of 19 people.

There was also a very special announcement that caught us all by surprise and which would have delighted Mum and that is that Arron and Sarah announced that they were expecting there first child in October so that really made every ones day.

Well Today has been a day of recovery had a lie in and went shopping with Gervase this afternoon but apart from that I have been resting so hopefully be back with a normal journal tomorrow so I will get some Photographs inserted from yesterday and then say bye bye until tomorrow.
Front: Mike, Melanie, Heather. Back: Gordon, Jodie, Arron.
Standing: Jodie, Arron. Sitting: Heather, Pat, Holly, Maz.
Gervase. Leanne, Mike, Me, Heather.
Jodie, Sarah, Arron.
Gordon, Eileen, Leanne, Mike.
Dave, Gervase, Leanne, Mike, Me, Heather.
Our host Dave
Our Hostess Jodie
Mike, Charlie, Heather

Mike, Heather, Me, Gordon, Pauline
Arron, Heather, Pat, Holly, Maz

Gordon, Mike, Melanie

And the Next two are the Messages from Everybody on there way up to Mum

Good Bless you Mum we all love and miss You.

well there we are then I am going to get dinner sorted as my regime was unsettled yesterday and the body does not like it but as the Eldest I was determined to be there, so an early night for me tonight I think. Tatty bye until tomorrow.

Friday, April 26, 2013

here we are on another Methotrexate Friday.

Which one is this

Yes, It is Freaky Friday again, and it has started off pretty well, it was not a bad nights sleep last night and I have had a decent lie in until 8.30 when I got up and made a coffee and took into the lounge. Once in the lounge I switch on the Radio to listen to the local news and take my 15 mg of Lansoprazole which has to be taken 30 to 60 minutes before eating, after I have taken that I log on to the internet to check out my emails and facebook before getting Breakfast of Toast and Marmalade, I then take my 10 mg of Prednisolone before settling down on the computer.

Depressing news in the paper
At 11.00 Pauline phones to say that all is Ok, they have a friends son "Charlie" staying with them until Monday, so he has taken Misty out for her walk this morning and later on Pauline and charlie will be out tidying the garden as long as the rain holds off as it was raining earlier on this morning, anyway after I have spoken to Pauline I get my coat and stick and go and get my morning Paper.

Once I have the paper I walk back home and settle down with a coffee and read the paper, I seem to be suffering from a bout of flatulence today (A very windy day) LOL, It is probably the effect of the Fybogel which I started taking yesterday, it is a Fibre supplement which I was prescribed by the doctor on Tuesday, and it is one of the listed effects which they say will reduce after a few days, I certainly hope so.

Methotrexate Time
well at 12.00 I have a banana and at 1.20 I go for a lie down for 40 minutes until 2.00 when I get up and make a coffee and take out into the back yard where I spend 10 minutes pulling up some weeds, it is quite nice out in the sunshine but a lot cooler than yesterday. once I have done that I go back into the kitchen and get the vegetable prepared for tonight,s dinner. After that I made a sandwich for lunch and had a yoghurt before taking my 15 mg of Methotrexate. and then settle down to get todays Journal written.

On the phone to Janet.
As I ma writing the Journal, the phone rings and it is Pauline,s Sister Janet, She has rung to let me know how her husband fred is getting on, he is in hospital in basingstoke after having surgery on Monday and is making progress so that is Ok. we have a chat and then     once we have spoken I carry on with the Journal. It was nice to speak with Janet. anyway it is now 4.35 and Gervase has just phoned for a chat he is at Haywards heath Station on the way home from work so we have a quick chat and then he is off as his train has arrived, so I will now get this journal Posted and go for another lie down as the Methotrexate is starting to take affect, so AsI said earlier there will be no Daily Journal tomorrow as we are having a family get together so until Sunday I will say Bye Bye.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Sun has got his hat on Again.

Make way, Coming through.
And here we are on another Thursday and fast approaching the end of April, which makes me wonder where the days have gone this year almost ⅓ of the way through the year. It was a different wake up call this morning, I slept reasonably well but was woken at 6.00 by a barrage of ships foghorns which went on for Two to Three hours as it was very misty/foggy out on the solent which is the stretch of water between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. so the ferry,s to and from the Isle of Wight and Gosport and the Naval ships and Cross Channel Ferries are all sounding there Foghorns at various tones which is quite musical.
Its to Noisy

Anyway as I was awake and no chance of getting back to sleep I go and make a coffee and then take that back to bed and put on the radio to listen to the local radio, I must confess I have turned the sound up slightly to overcome the sound of the Fog Horns, this is one of the pleasures of living near the sea and a major Naval dockyard,

Ahhh Coffee number 2
The good thing is that if ewe have a heavy mist it means we are in for a decent day once it lifts which it does by about 10.00, it was still misty when pauline went out on the common with "Misty" for her morning walk, anyway it is starting to brighten up and the sun has come through the mist and the skies are becoming bluer so all is right with the world. Anyway once I get out of bed and make my second coffee of the day and get some breakfast It is 9.45 and Pauline will be booking a taxi for 10.45 to collect me and then it will be shopping down the city centre.

Must do better
After finishing breakfast I have 30 minutes to just check out my emails and facebook before getting into the bathroom and getting myself sorted out and then dressed ready for when Pauline arrives at about 10.50. once I am all ready it is only 5 minutes before I get a text from Pauline to say she is on the way and she arrives at my flat at about 10.55. once we get everything in the taxi we are then off down to the city centre, I really should get myself better organised.

Once down town we get dropped of in Paradise Street behind Boots and then I need to go into a couple of company,s and then we have a coffee from the burger van outside debenham,s before making our way up to specsavers where I need to make an appointment for my yearly eye test. Although it is busier here today than it was last week, it is still quiet for a Thursday which is Market day, perhaps the sun has got people going down the beach instead of shopping.
looking towards the market stalls in the precinct.

There is even a Fish and chip van outside Greggs, but very few people
Once I have made my Opticians appointment for next Tuesday we make our way over to Morrisons to get the weekly shop stopping off at Sainsburys on the way as Pauline wants to look at the clothes in the sale and I get some gluten free items ie Cakes LOL. 
Sainsburys in the town centre,
looking towards the church from the Sainsburys car park
The view from the Sainsburys car park towards morrison,s in the distance (not that far) 
Once I have got my few Gluten free (Free From) almond slices, chocolate puddings and 3 bags of cheesy snacks, and Pauline has purchased a couple of tops in the sale we make our way over to morrisons which is just the other side of the main road, I have walked pushing the wheelchair most of the way today but Pauline pushes me in the wheelchair the rest of the way. Once we get to Morrisons we first get a coffee and a sandwich before getting the shopping.
Egg sandwich for me and Tuna for pauline.plus a Latte coffee
Once we have had lunch we go and do the shopping and then once we have everything we make our way to the checkout and pay for it, I have got a nice Lemon sole fillet for dinner tonight and a very nice Sea Bass Fillet for tomorrow nights dinner both fresh fish from the fish counter, I do like morrisons fresh food, anyway once we have paid for it we make our way outside t the car park where I phone for the Taxi to take us home.
The car park and dreams bed store taken over the shopping in the wheel chair
another view of the morrisons car park towards the offices in Flathouse  Quay
Once we are home it is about 2.45 so we get the shopping put away and then we have a coffee and a chat before I phone for a taxi at 3.20 to take Pauline back home. Once Pauline has left I make another coffee and then settle down to get todays journal written. well it is now 5.20 so I am going to get this journal posted before Gervase arrives for his Thursday visit, so I will say tatty bye until tomorrow,